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Our Mission is  to provide a safe sanctuary and refuge for ALL distressed or unwanted Dogs and Cats. We do try to help where we can with any animals large or small. We particularly try to seek homes for animals which may have special needs, such as elderly or infirm animals that might otherwise be sent for euthanasia (destruction).When you choose to adopt a Pet from CAARS you can rest assured that thorough vet checks will have been carried out on dogs which have come as rescue cases, each of which will have received its initial vaccination as recommended by CAARS veterinarian practice, the pet will have been Flea Treated and Wormed.  You will be provided with a voucher to cover a large portion of the cost of Neutering which CAARS both encourage and recommend and you will also receive a voucher which will cover the cost of your new pet’s next veterinary consultation. 

Every little helps, we are not asking for large donations because we know things are really tough out there every single £ helps to save a life

Please if you feel able

Help Us Do This Now …….. Thank you so much.
We can be contacted  anytime on 01922 476208