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It is CAARS Mission to provide a safe sanctuary and refuge for ALL distressed or unwanted Dogs and Cats. We do try to help where we can with other animals large or small. We particularly try to seek homes for animals which may have special needs, such as elderly or infirm animals that might otherwise be sent for euthanasia (destruction). We believe it is right to seek appropriate caring homes for animals that are in need of special care and we do indeed find many people who are willing and kind enough to accept a pet of this nature into their homes and care for such an animal which could have only a short time to live.

CAARS is very active in the education of members of the public both young and old, who wish to involve themselves in Animal Care Issues. CAARS accepts students from teaching colleges on work placement schemes to enable them to obtain hands on practical experience to augment and enhance their learning experience. We also regularly take groups of students from: South Staffordshire’s “Rodbaston” Agricultural College on day visits as part of their practical training coursework, the students not only find their visits very interesting and informative, it is clear from chatting to them that they also find the experience immensely enjoyable . 



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